DIG for Thursday the 1st of September……get angry and resist…..James 4 v 7

Over the last week or so I have learned some valuable lessons about healing and the manifestation, or not, of healing.

I have seen someone close to me manifest supernaturally quick healing from multiple fractures in her arms, healing that is too quick in the natural, and I have taken on board a few lessons.

When problems and issues from the enemy come upon us we need to resist with aggressive and passion, we need to get angry.

We need to say, “No, I am not having this” and really mean it.

We need to fight to keep our healing, and I say “keep” instead of “get” as the enemy can only steal, kill and destroy what we already have (John 10 v 10).

At the same time we need to stand on the Word of God, no matter what we feel and no matter what others may be saying.

While others look at the natural and ask questions in the natural we need to look to the spiritual.

Even when good meaning fellow believers try and cast doubt and uncertainty into our minds through their natural unbelief we need to speak out what we know is the truth.

In other words we need to live out James 4 v 7; we need to resist the devil and submit to God.

And we need to be aggressive in both, aggressively resist the enemy and aggressively hold onto the goodness and truth of God.

Even if it offends people, hold onto and speak out what you believe, hold onto and speak out the truth in the Word of God.

By His stripes you have been healed!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the finished work of Jesus and thank you for my healing that was released through the cross”.

James 4 v 7…..Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you


DIG for Wednesday the 13th of May…..don’t just ignore, but resist…..James 4 v 7

As Christians we sometimes give the enemy more credit than he deserves, however he is not to be ignored.

If we read the whole Word we know that he is a defeated foe but he is still active in the world today.

Even though he is defeated he can still cause grief and heartache if we let him.

If and when he comes our way what are we to do?

Of course we turn to God and submit to Him, but at the same time we are to resist the enemy (James 4 v 7).

Resist means to stand against or to oppose; it is an active measure and not passive.

Ignoring the enemy is no good, we must be active and stand against him, we must get angry and not let him have an effect on our lives.

If a robber came into your house to steal your goods and hurt your family would you stand aside and let him do what he wanted?

No, you would stand against him and fight!

Let’s start doing the same with the enemy.

At the same time we are to turn to God, to trust Him and believe His Word; that is what it means to submit.

The Word is clear in this matter; if we submit to God and resist the enemy, the enemy will have to flee.

He does not have a choice, he has to flee; that is what the Word says.

Is the enemy coming against you or your family today?

Stand up and fight him, tell him where to go!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that through the finished work of Jesus Christ the enemy is a defeated foe and I can, and will, resist him”.

James 4 v 7…..Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you

DIG for Friday the 17th of October……duel action of submitting and resisting……James 4 v 7

James 4 v 7 is a very important verse for the born again believer.

All of us are aware that the enemy is “out to get us”; the Word says he prowls about like a lion looking for those he can devour (2 Peter 5 v 8).

This should not scare us as in the book of James we are giving a model as to how to deal with this adversary.

We do have to resist the enemy; that means to oppose him and actively stand against him.

However we also have a duel action to do and that is submitting to God; this means to be subject to and obey.

As well as fighting against the enemy we need to partner with God and “go along” with what the Word says.

But this assumes one big thing and that is that we know what is from the enemy and what is from God.

This can only be found in one place and that is the Word of God.

Too many of us confuse what God and the enemy can and will do; if this is the case how can we be sure what to submit to and what to resist?

Knowledge and understanding of the Word of God is key to living out James 4 v 7.

Understanding of the true nature of God (and not the nonsense that religion and legalism will teach) will show us what to submit to.

Anything not of God will therefore be something to resist.

Focus on God and fight the enemy; that will see the enemy flee from you

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for your Word, thank you that it is the place to find out about you”.

James 4 v 7…..Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you