A – Introduction

I have wanted for a long time to produce a set of teaching about righteousness, as I see this as a very important topic for a believer.

 What you think about righteousness will affect your life and your daily walk with God.

 How you view your righteousness impacts directly on your life and how you relate to the Lord.

 The way that you believe we become righteous will directly impact on your relationship with God.

 Correct thinking in the area of righteousness will lead to freedom and peace, and will lead to the abundant life as described in John 10:10. Wrong thinking on the other hand will lead to condemnation and guilt, worry and fear.

 There is a lot of wrong teaching among believers on this topic and indeed a lot of confusion. But the Word of God is very clear on what righteousness is and how you become righteous. This is not rocket science, and in reality this is a pretty simple teaching, but a teaching that I have experienced is lacking in the majority of the body of Christ.

 Righteousness is an important topic in the Word and is a topic described extensively in the bible. Let me show you how important the topic of righteousness is.

 Healing is an important topic in the Word of God. There are 129 references in the Word relating to heal, healing or healed.

 Faith is another very important topic for a believer with 231 references in Word.

Salvation and being saved is also important of course; here we see 262 references in Word.

 There are 514 references to righteous and righteousness in the bible. This is more than faith and salvation added together! Righteousness is an important concept for the born again believer.

 How you view your righteousness will directly affect your life. Wrong thinking will result in condemnation and guilt. A change in your thinking, by moving from wrong thinking to right thinking in the area of righteousness will change your life.

 It will change your life for the better. I have seen this happen in my life, my wife’s life and the lives of my fellowship.


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