DIG for Monday the 27th of November…..of course He is God……John 1 v 1

John has always been my favourite Gospel; it was the first book I studied in a systematic manner.

And it starts off with some amazing truths about Jesus.

Many people think of Jesus as a great man, a gifted teacher, a wonderful moral philosopher or an inspirational leader.

However He really is so much more.

The beginning of the Gospel of John is a wonderful description of Jesus, with John 1 v 1 really setting the scene.

John 1 v 1 clearly tells us that Jesus was and is God.

Jesus is described as the Word, the Greek word logos.

There is no debate amongst theologians (unusually) that this word logos is talking about Jesus.

There are a couple of amazing truths that we learn from this verse.

We are told Jesus was with God, so has always existed; He always has been!

And He is in fact God.

Yes, He is the Son of God, however He is Divine in His own right.

The even more wonderful truth is that if we read on into the Book of John we find out that Jesus, or God the Creator, came form Heaven to live on earth among us and deal with sin so that we could come back into relationship with God the Father.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that Jesus came and dwelt among us and brought us back into relationship with You”.

John 1 v 1…..In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God



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