DIG for Wednesday the 12th of July…..we must all keep learning…..2 Timothy 2 v 15

Life long learning is a concept that most of us are aware of in the secular and working world; it is also a concept that is very important in our Christian walk.

It is a very dangerous day when we think we know it all, or feel that we know enough about the Word of God.

The Bible I use on a daily basis is rather old, full of underlining and highlighting, however what I marked as I progressed on my walk with the Lord is very interesting.

Three of the verses that I had marked early on as a ‘young believer’ are ones I would not mark now, as my understanding about law and grace, old and new covenants has developed.

The verses are 2 Chronicles 7 v 14, Romans 3 v 23 and 1 John 1 v 9.

These are verses that as a young Christian I tried to live by, and of course failed.

I have learned that as I live under grace and not law, I have unconditional forgiveness, and that 2 Chronicles 7 v 14 is an old covenant principle and therefore not for me to live by.

I have learned that my emphasis should be on what I have been made as a gift of grace through faith in Jesus rather than any sin, so Romans 3 v 22 and Romans 3 v 24 are of more relevance to me today.

I have learned that 1 John 1 v 9 is not for me to take literally as I am a born again believer and this verse was written in context for someone else.

I have learned more and more about grace over the years and am still learning.

We all must keep this attitude of learning, searching the Scriptures for a deeper revelation of truth that is relevant and appropriate for us as we live under grace in the New Covenant.

Our task is to rightly divide the Word, knowing what has to be taken literally and what is not for us today.

We need to know what covenant we live under!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that because of the finished work of Jesus I now live under the New Covenant and under grace”.

2 Timothy 2 v 15…..Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth


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