DIG for Thursday the 20th of July…..there is no sin that can hold you back from Jesus…..John 4 v 4

After Nicodemus, the next individual Jesus met with was the Samaritan woman at the well.

His disciples were amazed that Jesus even spoke to her, but Jesus made a point of going to see her.

Jesus went from the height of society (Nicodemus) to the lowest of the low.

Here Jesus met with a Samaritan woman who was an adulterer and fornicator; you really could not get any lower in Jewish society.

Jesus actually made a point of travelling through Samaria; I believe it was to meet with her at the well.

Yet Jesus came into relationship with her, even after all her previous and current sin.

Jesus knew full well what was going on in the life of this woman yet He still wanted to spend time with her.

Do you think there is some sin holding you back from a relationship with Jesus?

There is no sin you have done, there is even no sin that you are currently doing that will hold Jesus back from wanting a relationship with you.

The only one who could hold back on the relationship is you; Jesus is ready and waiting for you right now.

He has compassion and love for you, and He is not going to judge you for what you are doing or have done.

After all He has already dealt with the sin you have done or even doing!

There is nothing holding you back from a full relationship with Jesus other than you, and what you may be thinking about yourself or your sin.

Focus on Him, and come to Him; you will not be disappointed.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I can come fully to you irrespective of my past or present sin”.

John 4 v 4…..And he must needs go through Samaria


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