DIG for Wednesday the 22nd of July…..are people really reading their bibles…..Romans 3 v 28

There are times as a pastor (and as a Christian) that I feel like pulling my hair out.

Some of the questions that I am asked and some of the “debates” that I end up in makes me think that people are just not reading their Bibles, or not understanding what they read.

Take Romans 3 v 28 for example.

Paul has just given a great explanation about righteousness, faith and grace.

He then concludes, makes a decision at the end of his arguments, about how a man is justified (Romans 3 v 28).

Justified means to be made righteous, right before God and accepted in the eyes of the Lord.

This acceptance comes only by faith Paul says, and not through the deeds of the law.

It does not come by holding sacrifices, it does not come by keeping holy days and it does not come by keeping the ten commandments; all of these are deeds of the law.

Yet we are taught in the church to keep this law and that law, keep this commandment and that commandment in order to be acceptable to God.

Do people not read their Bibles?

Can they not see Romans 3 v 28?

If you understand this verse how can you ever teach the ten commandments as a way to acceptance from God?

Jesus is the only way to God, faith in Jesus and His finished work is all that is required for acceptance, righteousness and justification.

There is no other way and there should be no debate, yet the traditions of man keep rearing their ugly heads trying to keep men in bondage to performance religion.

We are not under law but under grace and we are justified through faith in Jesus’ performance and not in ours.

That is the good news of the Gospel, and that is what will lead men to repentance.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I have already been justified through faith and I am now accepted by You and righteous in Your eyes”.

Romans 3 v 28…..Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law



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