DIG for Tuesday the 27th of September…..grace and law are not supposed to be in balance…..Romans 6 v 14

After preaching one time I received the following feedback, “I loved what you said about grace but we need to balance that view with law”.

No, no, no!

That is not the case.

I would say that if there is any balance required it is 100% grace and 0% law.

Law and grace are two different things, based under two different covenants and were never meant to run alongside each other.

One was for pre-cross and the other is of post-cross; they were never designed to co-exist.

At the cross Jesus ‘replaced’ the old covenant (or law) with the new covenant (or grace).

Trying to balance law and grace, or live by both is impossible as they are mutually exclusive.

The Word says that sin cannot have dominion over us as we live under grace (Romans 6 v 14).

This verse also tells us another truth, that sin will have dominion over us if we try and live under law!

Failure is always the result of mixing law and grace.

Law is putting trust in yourself and your own works and that always ends in disaster; grace is trusting solely in the finished work of Jesus and that work was perfectly perfect!

Trust in Jesus, live under grace and have nothing to do with law.

Speak this out…..”Thank you Lord that I live under grace and not law”.

Romans 6 v 14…..For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under law, but under grace


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